Trust your gut when trading crypto

As with just about everything else, the Internet offers a mountain of advice about trading cryptocurrency. There are trading experts with their own websites, YouTube channels where you can pick up tips in and plenty of other ways in which you’ll be bombarded with ideas if you do a Google search that says something like ‘How to trade crytpocurrency’.

You might find yourself following one or two of these ‘experts’, which may also mean you follow their trade strategies and this makes you feel safer and more expert yourself. But, is this rally the best way to go about it? In my experience it’s the wrong way, because it doesn’t encourage people to rely on their gut feelings and their personal view of the market.

By listening to your gut, I don’t mean basing your decisions on emotions. It’s not a case of waking up and thinking, ‘I feel good today, I think I’ll buy some bitcoin, sell some ethereum’; it is about using your intuition.

Analysing the market, which is extremely complex, will never bring you to the perfect trading sweet spot. Looking for patterns to base your trades on will eventually become self-defeating. Instead, simply gain experience and while you are doing that, your subconscious mind is storing away knowledge about the patterns that provide you with good results. Your intuition has access to this knowledge, whereas your conscious mind is blocked from directly accessing the subconscious.

But, using your intuition requires practice. Therefore, do trades on your own using your strategy, not one that has come from an expert you found online. In this way you’ll be able to follow where you’re right and wrong in your trading. You’ll also have a much greater feeling of achievement, because it was you who made a successful trade based on your own knowledge, not that of someone else.

I’d also add that making your own decisions keeps you closer to an assessment of risk that is right for you. Another person may have a completely different set of life circumstances, which means they assess risk differently. If you are going to take advice from others, be sure to follow channels that are more educational than directive, so you can learn the common patterns and indicators for yourself.

Finally, once you start a trading strategy, it pays to stick with it, because your first instinct is based on your intuition, so don’t second-guess yourself; that’s when trouble begins.

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