Is the Covid vaccine really necessary?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, every government has said that a vaccine would be the answer. As a result, the majority of people everywhere hoped for a scientific breakthrough, because they believed there was no alternative to this solution. Then Pfizer announced its vaccine, followed by others in the West, and Russia and China developed their own.

But there is a problem now that vaccination programs have started. Many wonder why they are getting sick even though they have received this so-called “vaccine”. The way this new type of vaccine functions is not being properly explained to the public, so obviously people are unaware of what they might be taking.  In this article, I would like to explain in a simple and comprehensive way how the “vaccine” behaves in your body, then you can decide whether you want to risk it, or not.

It’s not a vaccine as we know it

First of all, these ‘vaccines’ are not really a vaccine. The definition of vaccine means an injection into the body of a weakened form of pathogen (virus), so that it does not cause any harm in the body, but the immune system will be triggered to start making antibodies against any protein of the pathogen. This way, antibodies will be ready and prepared for in case the real harmful pathogen arrives. The COVID vaccines don’t work like this.

All of them are based on a synthetically constructed piece of genetic information called mRNA, which contains the genetic code to make a protein of the COVID virus.

What is an mRNA?

To understand this, here is a very brief and simplified explanation about molecular biology: mRNA´s are biological molecules, present in every single cell of our body, that contain the instructions to make a protein. As humans we have mRNA´s for every single protein that our body needs. Here are a few examples: we have mRNA´s that contain instructions to make the components of muscle fibre, hair, nails, blood vessels, digestive enzymes, neurotransmitters, etc. Within our cells, these mRNA´s carry the information, like a recipe for making banana bread. So, when we say the mRNA is being “translated” it means that the cell “reads the recipe” and produces the protein that corresponds to the information.

How our immune system reacts to non-human proteins

Our immune system is a finely tuned operation. It knows not to react to the proteins in our body that are there from birth unless you have an auto-immune disease. The immune system detects when there is a protein present that is not normally present in our body, and any “abnormal” protein activates a number of defence systems: our body will do all it can to search for the “intruder”, attack it, and destroy infected cells. Symptoms of this defence system are fever, inflammation and excessive production of bodily fluids. These typical flu-like symptoms are the result of our own immune system trying to get rid of the pathogen.

The Covid “vaccine” contains a piece of mRNA carrying the recipe for a protein of the virus. When this mRNA is injected, it will find its way into our cells, where it will be translated into a protein. However, this is a protein that our own cells don’t make: it isn’t a human protein, it is a piece of the virus. On its own, this protein is just a small piece of the real virus, but because our immune system sees it is an “abnormal” protein, it triggers it into reacting.

A synthetic piece of genetic information

These kinds of “vaccines” are synthetically constructed pieces of genetic information that have not been used in the past. It is a completely new technique, and we cannot yet know how fiercely it will trigger the immune defence system, how long it will keep on doing that, and what the consequences on the body will be on longer term. Once the mRNA has been injected into your body, you cannot stop it: your cells will start making this abnormal viral protein. And once your cells are producing this ‘stranger’, there is a possibility that your immune system will have a dramatic reaction to it, causing severe symptoms, or even worse, it can lead to a fatal allergic reaction.  

The healthy body has its own protection

A healthy body that is well nourished and in good shape naturally has a strong immune system. It is perfectly capable of coping with a range of infections in a natural and balanced way. Now that greater numbers of people have already been given their first injections, we are seeing a number of adverse reactions to this vaccine., and the symptoms are often far worse than the people might have experienced if they had caught Covid-19. It is up to you whether you want to take this ‘vaccine’, but please consider your options carefully, as its long-term effects are not yet known to us, and the pharmaceutical companies have been given immunity against future class actions, which is another aspect of it to think about with care.

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