Improve Customer Experience with New Phone System

A company always needs to find ways to improve customer service.  There ae many different channels such as live chat, email, Instant Messaging to connect to clients and they are all important in customer service. But among all of them, the phone is still the #1 in the provision of customer service for most, if not all businesses.


There are now many new and innovative strategies that can improve your customer service level. There are tools such as CRM software, automated live chat, ticket support, client’s portal and of course your phone. Now it is possible for a phone to help a company to provide even better customer support. The Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP phone system can help you to provide the best customer service possible with an amazing call experience and have it integrated with other business applications.

Where Cloud Phone System meets Great Customer Service

A Cloud Phone System uses VoIP Technology to provide a superior customer experience over the phone, both for inbound and outbound calls. The benefits of automating the call flow, having all details saved (both call logs and call recordings), optimising response time and others not only provide more productivity for the business but it also affects positively how the customer is being serviced over the phone. This means that the customer will be happy with the service they get and this can be translated into more sales.

Based on information provided by NUACOM, a Business Phone System provider in Ireland, here are some VoIP Phone System features that will improve customer service:

Interactive Voice Response:  This feature allows all your incoming calls to be automatically answered with a personalised greeting message and gives the callers options such as which department they wish to contact.

Call Groups: It is possible to set up all incoming calls in relation to customer service to ring on all your agents’ devices in this department, simultaneously, for better response time.

Call Conference: if a customer is not getting the help that they need from a customer service agent then extra assistance can be added.  A call can be turned into a call conference with 3 participants at any time and this will ensure that your customer gets all the help that they need. For example, an IT expert can be added to a call to make sure that the customer gets the right technical assistance.

Call Queuing:  This function of a phone system means that there is no more engaged tone.  If all your operators are busy, all incoming calls are placed in a queue until an agent is available to answer the call.

Number-name indicator: this feature assists your operators to know the identity of a customer so they can be prepared and greet them with a personal message.

Toll-Free number: providing a toll-free number for your customers to contact you could just make the customer service easier. This allows them to communicate with you freely, at no extra cost for them.

Call recording: This feature records all your business calls. This is very useful for training and evaluation. Calls can also be played to ensure that their order or request is fully understood.

Salesforce Integration: You can dial directly from Salesforce interface, have the calls logged and the call recordings available onto the contact details. This can be used for support and sales.



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